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About the Journal - Young Hearts Run Free

Redaktion LIBREAS, "About the Journal - Young Hearts Run Free. ". LIBREAS. Library Ideas, 1 ().

Although LIBREAS has not much to do with Candi Stanton, in a certain way the motto is correct. The journal deals with and about the library scientists' young generation, if we might express ourselves with some emotion.

This faculty of library science at the Humboldt University Berlin, Germany is now 50 years old and has experienced quite a deal of discussion as well inside as well outside the university environment about the subject itself and therefore also about the existence of the faculty which was endangered since the autumn of 2003 when the university committee of the president proposed to close it down - but there we are again - going strong.

On February 15th, this year, the academic council of the Humboldt University released the full professorship of library science to the faculty, by doing this strengthening the faculty and the subject library science. Thus the future is secured - but there is much to do and especially among the students a great wish to be and become active.

LIBREAS is expressing this desire. It is not a mere student project but one shaped by the students. It shall serve as an interface between the young savages and the old hands, from the academic and the professional environment, a public place for the dialogue, for the exchange of ideas. Therefore it is called “Libreas- Library Ideas”.

Basically the journal shall become the journal which we, being responsible for the content, want to read ourselves.

LIBREAS shall be open, fresh and also controversial but also not complete or finalized, in order to leave room for development, to recognize niches in order to unfold trends out of them.

We have looked for and found a partner BibSpider - Infonetworking for libraries- not exactly a big Player, but also a kind of probe, a nearly idealistic project, anticipated in proximity at the development of the knowledge society.

Now there it is - the first edition, born spontaneously and coloured by the desire of being active. Surely there are faults to be found and surely it will not meet all our claims. But we are delighted by our first offspring and we are looking forward that this project will grow and thrive- if you agree- we would be happy to see you participating.